• The Surroundings of a Professional Environment
  • Exciting School Day
  • Working on and helping to maintain actual serviceable aircraft
  • Challenged Daily
  • ​Corporate Backing
  • Job Shadowing and Apprenticeship Opportunities
  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Flying 
  • Positive Coaching
  • Driven to Succeed

Federal Certification

As an adult, spend 3 years and anywhere from $50,000 - $80,000 to get your FAA Airframe and Powerplant Certificate...


Graduate High School with not only your High School Diploma AND your Airframe and Powerplant Certificate at ZERO cost!  Also..  A good percent of students are graduating from our program with a 2 Year College Degree from Eastern New Mexico University as well!

Technician Shortages

While the Aerospace Industry has grown over the past few decades, the number of individuals going into the trade has declined.

In 2014, AMT Magazine published an article called the "Perfect Storm" in which they stated that of the 140,000 Licensed Aircraft Techs worldwide,  60% were in the United States.

Of those in the United States: 35 percent are 50 to 65, 45 percent are 40 to 50, and 15 percent 30 to 40 and less than 5 percent age 18 to 30.  This was in 2014!  The pinch being felt is greater today.  This is good news for individuals entering this field.

Some of What We our students learn:

Our program at a Glance

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Aerospace Center - 2018/19 Classes forming now

  • Great starting wages anywhere from $18 - $40 per hour
  • Excellent Benefit Packages
  • Retirement pension opportunities
  • Paid College Tuition
  • Travel Opportunities
  • An impressive,  High-Tech job that carries prestige

Some of the Benefits our Students Enjoy Include: 

How about a job right out of high school with:

  • Electronics
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Precision Sheetmetal Fabrication
  • Aeronautical Physics
  • Aircraft Rigging
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Turbine and Reciprocating Powerplants
  • Professional Life Skills

Industry Outlook

Job Opportunities

Throughout the year our center receives calls from well known industry giants with job offerings for those students obtaining their A&P Certificates.  Fed-Ex, UPS, AMES, Gulfstream, American Airlines are just a few.

Aircraft on the ground do not make money.  And without techs, the aircraft can't fly.  This opens the doors for great starting wages with benefits, vacation and travel!